The Team


Sam Bowden


Sam has devoted his last 12 years to helping practice owners increase their happiness, work life balance and profitability. His skillset is in fashioning long-lasting mindset changes in individuals and teams, so they can enjoy extraordinary lives and experience their true potential.


Shane Barker


Shane is a highly qualified and experienced Business Consultant and Advisor. Often referred to as the ‘The Enforcer’; he is skilled at working with business owners to efficiently implement and achieve their goals.


Lisa Scheepers


Lisa has training and experience across a number of sectors including small business, counselling, psychology and education. This provides her with a unique perspective on what drives human behaviour, leadership, team dynamics, training and development to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


John Gemmell

Client Success Manager

John has been coaching and consulting for small business and managers for 16 years. He has expertise in the areas of Operational processes and systems, leadership development, team engagement and developing business strategies.  He has worked closely with many vets to help overcome challenges with sales, client relations, self-belief and selling the value, not the price. He is passionate about empowering managers and teams to master the most powerful force in business – ‘Emotions’. Hi motto is “Emotions drive humans, humans drive performance”. Study and certification in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience have helped him to offer a better level of support and development for clients.


Kelly Hart

Client Liaison

Kelly has a massive background in managing large teams to deliver special projects ranging from systems implementation for practices to running events. She is about the nicest human being you’ll ever meet and her ability to find solutions to any problem is incredible. She’s your go to for anything you need to know and manages the day to day admin functions and coordinates our special projects.


John Gabriel

Back-end Support

John is the technical wizard here at Accelerate Practice Academy. He manages the website and database. He has 8 years well-rounded experience strong troubleshooting skills and is our go-to person for any tech-related issues.