HOWITIS. The disease that kills opportunity for Practice Owners


I want to alert you to a terrible disease that destroys opportunity.


It’ll stop you taking action.


It’ll make you feel frustrated.


It’ll keep you in a place that you don’t like for years and years.


It’s called HOWITIS.


It’s the disease of how.


It’s trying to figure out HOW to achieve something that you really want before you start.


HOWITIS is putting all your energy into figuring out HOW to achieve something before committing and it stops you taking action.


You’d think it makes sense to do it that way but it’s not the way universal principles have been proven to work.


Buckminister Fuller (a lifelong student of universal principles) said:


“The Principles will be revealed upon the decision”


In other words…


Commit to doing something first, then HOW to do it turns up later.


I’ll use my life as an example.


I’ve just come back from my Monday morning surf. In the water at 5.40 am and out at 8.00am. I then get a coffee and sit at the top of the headland, looking at the surf and do a little meditation. I’m insanely grateful for my amazing life.


My life is EXACTLY as I had SEEN it years ago. I had an intention set that I would be in place where I could surf before work, do something that I was incredibly passionate about and have the ability to run my business anywhere in the world.


I didn’t have the foggiest HOW I was going to achieve this. I just decided that I would.


Once I had made that decision, the HOW was presented to me in a very camouflaged manner. It was just an opportunity that I took to start a buying group to get some better prices for my practice.


I had no idea what that business would become. I certainly didn’t see it as HOW I was going to create the life I wanted.


Not when I first started.


Not for the first 3 years!


Do you want something different in your life?


How do you tap into this phenomenon?


Understand this.

  1. Human beings have the ability to create pretty much anything that you can envisage.
  2. In quantum physics, organisms create their environment. Environments do not create the organisms. As a human, YOU create the environment YOU live in, it does not create you.
  3. If you draw the line in the sand and get super clear on what you want and a decision that you WILL get it no matter what, then HOW you are going to do it will show up …magically.


Some examples: How could the internet be created when it never existed before?


Someone decided to do it and they figured out HOW later. It was presented.


How did aeroplanes get created?


A couple of brothers just decided they would be the first and…they were (they beat some very well financed corporations trying to do the same).


Henry Ford was told the V8 could not be done. He simply told his team to keep going until they found HOW to do it.


In conclusion.


If you really want something in your life, DO something that commits you to it. Then start looking for the how. The simple act of making a commitment at a very deep level will allow the opportunities to be presented to you.


I warn you though. They will be disguised as an opportunity and a LOT of work. (Most people won’t commit because of the work involved.)


Don’t go looking for the HOW first before you have agreed to fully commit. The HOW is only presented to those who are seeking.


Seek and you shall find. But you’d better be committed first!


You can’t fool God or the universe or quantum physics or whatever label you wish to give it.


Finally remember these wise words


“It’s about progression, not perfection.”


What do YOU want your life to look like?


Go on…dream a little and then decide.


It becomes a very interesting journey.